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Are the images, backgrounds, icons, and templates all licensed for commercial use?
Are the images, backgrounds, icons, and templates all licensed for commercial use?

If you're on one of our Starter, Pro, or Enterprise plans, you can use it for commercial purposes

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Picmaker is available to everybody for use. You can use it for free or hop on to one of the paid plans and get a lot more. Here's the link to our paid plans (don't forget to log in to the Picmaker app).

If you're a free user, there's a ton of stuff that you can do. That includes unlimited downloads a month, access to stock images, social sharing, real-time collaboration, file manager, and lots more.

However, if you're a paying customer, you can even use our images for commercial purposes and for your personal projects. That is applicable for all price plans.

A few things that you need to keep in mind though:

  1. The components in Picmaker including shapes, icons, images, templates, backgrounds, and similar such components cannot be individually claimed by a user.

  2. However, if a user has created a design with an image/icon/shape/background/template etc., then he/she may use it for commercial purposes. In a nutshell, if a user creates a design file, then he/she may claim its ownership in its entirety, but, not the individual components of the design file.

  3. A lot of components such as shapes, icons, objects, templates, backgrounds, and images in Picmaker have been purchased from different sources across the internet, which are made available for our users. But, Picmaker is not a medium to access these components. Instead, we encourage our users to create designs and download them for their use.

Additional reading

  1. For information on the commercial rights in Picmaker, read our Terms of Use.

  2. For information about we address your privacy concerns, read our Privacy Policy.

Happy designing! :)

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