A few months back, we moved from our previous platform, i.e., Picmaker 1.0 to Picmaker 2.0. Let us first explain why we chose to move to a new platform:

  1. Picmaker 1.0 was based on Adobe's Flash, which will no longer be supported in 2021. Here's an article that explains why Adobe is shutting down Flash. So, if we hadn't taken a decision to move, we wouldn't have been able to bring newer features for you in Picmaker, which is not ideal.

  2. We wanted to provide you - our users with an enhanced user experience and make better use of the latest technologies.

As a result, we have moved to a new platform that supports newer technologies and file formats.

What is the difference between Picmaker 1.0 and 2.0?

The first thing that you will notice is that the URLs for both platforms are different:

Besides, Picmaker 2.0 has more unique designs, pictures, objects, and an enhanced layout, so you can always get what you want in a few clicks.

How do I log in to Picmaker 2.0?

It's easy. Click on this URL: https://app.picmaker.com/, create a new login id and password for yourself, and you're all set.

Logging in to Picmaker 2.0

Can I use the same id that I used in Picmaker 1.0 for logging into Picmaker 2.0?

No, you will need to create a separate login id and password in Picmaker 2.0.

What does this mean for existing users?

It means two things:

  1. You will continue to have your designs and files in Picmaker 1.0

  2. We will not migrate your designs automatically to Picmaker 2.0. Why? Because both platforms are on different technologies that do not support each other.

So, how do I access my designs and files?

You have 2 ways of accessing it:

  1. You can download all your existing files in Picmaker 1.0 and then upload them into Picmaker 2.0. (We know this could take a while, but it is worth the effort. Because sitting on Flash could expose your files to external security risks.)

  2. Or, you may access Picmaker 1.0 in browsers that continue to support Flash such as Firefox.

Will my files in Picmaker 1.0 be deleted?

No, your files will remain intact and we will continue hosting them in the foreseeable future. However, we'd urge you to move to Picmaker 2.0, which is more nimble and has enhanced features than the previous edition.

Is Picmaker 1.0 being shut?

No, not in the near future. We will intimate you well in advance before shutting it down.

Feel free to chat with us or reach our support if you have any queries.

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