6 ways to become a pro designer

Know the different ways you can edit your designs in Picmaker

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Designing needn't be daunting. At, Picmaker, it is our endeavor to make you a pro designer with simple and intuitive ways to design better.

In this FAQ, we will look at 6 different ways how you can do that.

1. How to crop an image?

Cropping an image saves you valuable space on your design. It is a simple trick that can make you a pro within minutes.

2. How do you add special effects to your image?

Adding special effects can transform your image to look like a Hollywood poster. So, don't spare a moment to discover how to try 24 different types of special effects for your pictures. Plus, we're adding more special effects to our growing feature list every day.

3. How do you enhance your image quality?

"What if I were to increase the brightness of an image? Or, what if I were to increase its saturation?" There is so much that you can do to your image. Discover answers to all your queries on image enhancement in this FAQ.

4. Making an image transparent

Sometimes you will need to make an image or an object transparent in Picmaker to accommodate other objects within the design. It helps make other portions of our design become a little more visible.

5. Arranging different objects in your design

"Should I bring this object to the front or do I move it behind? Does this square box look good on the left or right?" This FAQ tells you how to arrange different objects in your design.

6. Removing the background of an image

Removing the background of an image is as simple as it sounds. Yes, we mean it! With Picmaker, all it takes is just a few clicks to get going.

And, to round off that list, here's a quick video of how to get your social media sizes right.

We'll keep adding more to this list and provide you several ways of enhancing your designs. So, stay tuned for more updates.

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