If you're starting a YouTube channel, or if you're already the proud owner of one, you must be aware that you need a banner or better known as 'channel art'.

A YouTube banner or channel art acts as a 24 x 7 invitation to your audience for your channel. It tells your audience what your channel is all about including a few key components such as your logo, links to your social accounts, and more.

But, how do you create a banner that everybody notices? In this FAQ, we answer that question.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Before going ahead, do remember that YouTube recommends banner images of 2048 x 1152 pixels size. However, Picmaker's recommendation is 2560 x 1440 pixels because that gives a little additional space for you to play with your designs. So, when you upload it, YouTube will ensure it fits at the top of your channel.

Now, there are two ways of designing a YouTube banner art using Picmaker:

Option 1: You could either start from scratch and set your design panel to 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Option 2: Or, you could create a design and then resize it to the size of a YouTube banner, i.e., 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Step 2: If you chose Option 1, then your design will be in the default size, so you needn't worry. However, if you're choosing Option 2, make sure you click on 'Resize,' at the top of your menubar to ensure that your YouTube channel art size conforms to Google's prescriptions.


Which option do we recommend?

We'd recommend Option 1 above because that way there will be no design distortions. A design distortion is when a collage looks too cluttered or a design file does not have a clear message to the viewer.

Step 3: Then, click on 'Download' at the top right to download your channel art in the preferred formats. You can download it in PNG or JPG or PDF formats (although YouTube prefers PNG or JPEG formats.)


That is all, you're all set. Your YouTube banner created on Picmaker is ready to greet your audience on your channel.

Now, log in to your YouTube channel, go to YouTube studio, i.e., (https://studio.youtube.com/), and

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