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Sharing and collaborating in Picmaker
How to invite new people to your designs in Picmaker?
How to invite new people to your designs in Picmaker?

Learn how to get your team members involved in your designs

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Why create awesome stuff alone when you can have a party? :)

At Picmaker, while you create awesome designs, you can even share them with your team. In this FAQ, let us look at how to get that done.

But, before that, here is a quick video of how to share your designs using Picmaker.

Let us look at it step by step.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Step 2: Click on 'My Workspace' to access this feature in Picmaker.


Step 3: Enter the email ids of the people you'd like to invite to view your designs. Click on 'Invite People' to complete adding more of your team members.


Step 4: When you invite your team members, Picmaker will trigger a mail to their inboxes similar to the image below. Your team members will need to click on 'Join Team' to accept your invite in whatever role you're inviting them. Refer to the screenshot below.


Step 5: When they accept your invite, you can see their roles in 'My Workspace' on the left-hand menubar. You can even change their roles to suit the team's needs.


Now, that you have invited your team members, let us look at a few common FAQs for 'My Workspace' that are bound to crop up.

How many team members can you add?

You can add up to 100 team members to your workspace. However, if you need to add more team members, feel free to contact us.

Can I share my designs with my team members?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to share your individual designs with them one by one. This enables them to get access to your designs. So, by default, they will not have access to your designs.

Can I alter my team members' roles between 'Admin' and 'Member?'

Yes, you can alter their roles even after they join your workspace.

What is an 'Admin' and a 'Member' entitled for?

If you add an 'Admin,' he/she can:

  1. Add a team member or remove an existing member.

  2. Access your Brand Kit and add/remove logos, templates, fonts, etc.

An Admin cannot remove you from your workspace as you are its owner.

If you add a team member as a 'Member,' he/she can:

  1. Edit/view your shared designs.

  2. Get access to your components (pictures, emojis, shapes, objects, etc.) that are part of your subscription plan.

However, a Member cannot upgrade/downgrade your subscription and plan. Besides, he/she cannot invite other team member/s to your workspace.

To make it easy for you, here's a quick table:




Add/remove team members



Remove owner



Access brand kit



Edit/view shared designs



Access pictures, emojis, shapes, etc.



Change subscription plan



What are the benefits of adding team members?

By adding team members as an Admin/Member, you can share your premium stock images, objects, emojis, shapes, etc. (applicable in your subscription/plan) with them. Simultaneously, your team members can also share their respective elements with you.

There you go. Inviting other team members to your designs is the easiest way to collaborate and achieve more. Go ahead and invite them now!

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