How to use gradient shapes?

Explore the different types of gradient shapes in Picmaker and how you could use them in your designs.

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Are you a fan of gradients?

If yes, well, you're in the right place. :) Because we love gradient shapes.


Here is a quick tutorial on how to use gradient shapes to level up your design game


In this FAQ, we will explore the different ways of using gradient shapes for your designs in Picmaker.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Step 2: Click on any template that you wish to use or on any design that you are creating. Click on 'Objects' on Picmaker's left-hand menubar and notice how it opens up into a plethora of design objects.


Step 3: Now, notice on the left-hand menubar, 'Gradient shape' at the top. Gradient shapes are different forms of regular and irregular shapes with a gradual blending from one color to another.

Why do you need gradients?

Well, let us ask ourselves why not? Gradients can make a world of difference to your designs because they look pleasing, trendy, and a welcome change from flat colors. If you think about it, flat colors do not exist in nature - it is always a combination of two or more colors that adds zest to a living or non-living thing.

Step 4: Click on 'See All' against the Gradient Shapes category. Then, choose from the multiple shape options that suit your design.


Step 5: When you have chosen your favorite gradient, feel free to customize its size and color. In the image below, we have introduced a pinkish arrow from the library of gradient shapes.


That's it, you're done. Your design will look stunning with our customized gradients.

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