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Do I have copyright over my designs?
Do I have copyright over my designs?

Know what copyrights you have over your designs in Picmaker

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Picmaker gives you all the necessary rights you need to use your designs. But, let us understand that a little more clearly.

Where can you use your designs used in Picmaker?

You can use your designs (that you've created) in Picmaker for your official and personal use.

That means you can use your designs on:

  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

  • Your personal website

  • Company website

  • Landing page

  • Artwork

  • Podcast

  • Anywhere meant for your personal/corporate purposes

You've painstakingly created your designs, so it is rightfully yours. We do not insert watermarks over what you have created.

Can I use my designs for resale?

No, you cannot resell the designs that you have created in Picmaker. In other words, you cannot use Picmaker to create designs and make money out of it.


Because we do not provide reseller rights for your designs on Picmaker.

Can I download individual elements like emojis, pictures, shapes, backgrounds, etc. and have copyright over it?

No, you cannot download individual elements and have copyright for it.

If you've included such elements as part of your overall design, then you can have copyright over it.

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