How do I use frames in Picmaker?

Discover how to add more oomph to your designs with Picmaker's frames

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Frames are a great way of expressing yourself in a design.

Imagine compressing a large picture inside an apple or an orange! Or, showing your drawing room inside the North American map. ;) Sounds cool, doesn't it?

Well, in this FAQ, let us explore how to use artistic shapes to great effect in your design in Picmaker.

Here's a quick video if you'd like to know how it works:

If you'd like a detailed approach, here you go.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Step 2: Pick an existing template or choose 'Custom Design.' Either way, you can use frames in your designs.

Step 3: Assuming you're using Picmaker's templates, click on the left-hand menubar and notice the frames that appear in different shapes and sizes.


Step 4: Click on 'See all' to open the large library of customized frames. Below is a representation of how the library looks.


Step 5: Then, click on a frame that you'd like to use. In the image below, we've used a frame that resembles a real photo frame. You can simply drag and drop the frame, and place it in the design directly.

Now, while placing the frame strategically on your design, be sure to put it in a place where it doesn't take too much space, yet it is discernible.

Besides, don't forget to size it appropriately as it should not look out of place.


Step 6: The next step is to insert a picture into your frame. You can do this in two ways:

  • Either insert it from Picmaker's library of pictures

  • Or, click on upload at the bottom of your left-hand menubar and insert your picture.

In the image, we'll insert from Picmaker's library of images. All that we will do is drag and drop the image inside the frame.

That's it, you've mastered the art of inserting a customized frame in your design.

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