How do I use the brand kit in Picmaker?

Learn how you can create designs that are on point with your brand

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Staying true to your brand is key to your success in the long run.

That is true no matter whether you're a YouTuber or a large corporate. Nobody likes to move away from their brand perceptions that they've built.

And, that's why Picmaker cares about your brand.

In this FAQ, let us learn how to bring your branding elements into Picmaker.

Do note that our brand kit is available only to users in our Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

That's why we created this detailed video of how to use a brand kit in Picmaker.

Okay, let us go over it step by step.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Step 2: Notice 'Brand Kit' at the left of your screen, right above 'My Workspace.' In the below image, we've marked it with a box.


Step 3: Now, you can add your brand element here. There are 4 key components from your brand that you can bring in, and they are:

  1. Logo

  2. Color

  3. Font

  4. Templates

In the image below, notice how you could bring in your logo and your brand color palettes.


You can introduce your brand logo and color palette too in here.


Step 4: Now, if you've brought in your logo, what happens next? You will see the logo added to your library in Picmaker.


Now, when you have added your logo, it appears on the image library beside all your designs too. Here is how it looks. This way, you can pull it up whenever you need it on your designs.


You can add in your brand colors too. Enter the hexadecimal code of your brand colors and notice how they get stacked one after the other.


But, more importantly, how can you make use of them?


If you've got a font that you'd like to bring in to Picmaker, you can upload it right away in the font section.


Now, head over to your designs and check if your brand fonts appear there.


And, finally, you can import your brand templates too. As shown in the image below, click 'Create Template' to choose from our library of templates that you can use for your brand.


Then choose from the library of templates that matches your brand.


When you've selected a template, go to 'File,' and select 'Save as Template' to have this template permanently in your library.


P.S. Note that you create brand templates only if you have subscribed to Picmaker's Pro or Enterprise plans.

There you go. Like we mentioned earlier in this FAQ, Picmaker gives you several ways to import your brand elements to enable you align with your brand guidelines.

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