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Sharing and collaborating in Picmaker
How do I share designs in Picmaker?
How do I share designs in Picmaker?

Explore how to share your designs with your team members

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Sharing is caring.

That is true for your designs as well. Because, after all, you have created them for others to see, engage, and interact with.

In this FAQ, we will learn how to share a design in Picmaker. There are two ways of doing it.

And, here's a quick video about it too:

P.S. If you're looking to share your designs on social media, read this FAQ: How to share your designs on social media?

Method 1: Sharing from your dashboard/your recent projects

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Step 2: When you log into Picmaker, you will see the below welcome screen, i.e., your Dashboard. Go to 'Your Recent Projects,' and hover over the vertical ellipsis (the three vertical dots appearing on the top-right of your project). Click on it to open the different menu options.

Notice the option to 'Share' your project.


Step 3: Now, enter the email id of the recipient and provide them with the right access - 'view' only or 'edit.'


You can give recipients an option to view the project.

Step 4: Then, click on 'Send' (refer to the above image) to send your email to the recipient.

Can I enable my team members to edit my designs?

Yes, you can share the design URL with your team member directly. If you'd like your team member to edit your design, remember to choose 'Can edit' option and copy

the 'Edit link' option below. Remember that this step is mandatory for the recipients to edit your design.

You will see an acknowledgment at the bottom-right of your screen when your link has been copied.


Can I enable my team members to view my designs?

If you'd like your team member to just view the design, remember to choose 'Can view' option and copy the 'View link' below. Do note that the recipients can still view your designs even if you do not give them the 'Can view' access.

You can share the copied URL over email to your team members so that they can view them.


The recipient will receive an email that would look similar to the image below. The recipient will also know whether he/she has access to edit/view your design project.


P.S. Do note that a recipient will need to create an account in Picmaker to view/edit the designs shared with them.

Method 2: Sharing while working on your designs

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Step 2: If you're already working on your project, you can share it directly. Click on 'Share' at the top of your screen, and then enter the email id of the recipient. Then, choose 'Can edit' if you'd like the recipient to edit the design. Then, click on 'Send.'


Remember to choose the 'Can view' option if you'd like your team members to view your design projects.


Sharing your designs is easy in Picmaker. Get started now :)

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