How do I arrange my designs in Picmaker?

Learn how to create folders and arrange your designs

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What was the first thing you learnt on a computer?

Creating folders on the desktop? Yay! That's exactly what most of us did back in the day.

By creating folders, you were able to arrange your files in them, so you could pull them up whenever you needed them.

Today, we will see how to arrange your pictures, templates, visuals, designs, objects, etc. in folders in Picmaker.

Want to look at a quick video? Here you go:

And, here is a detailed breakdown of how to arrange your designs.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Step 2: There are two ways of creating folders in Picmaker. The first way is by clicking on 'My Designs' on the left-hand menu of your Dashboard (


Name your folder appropriately so you can easily find it.


The other way of creating a folder is when you are working on your design in Picmaker. Click on Upload at the bottom of the left-hand menubar and then click on '+' sign on the top (next to My Files). Then, name your folder appropriately so you can move all your designs, templates, and objects into it.


Creating a folder in Picmaker enables you to organize your work neatly. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating folders now!

P.S. Access to creating folders is available only to Starter, Pro, and Enterprise users in Picmaker.

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