How do I add an outline to my image in Picmaker?

Discover how to look with the 'sticker' effect for your images

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Have you ever noticed an outline on some pictures/images on YouTube thumbnails?

They seem to add extra zing to the thumbnail, and before you know it, you've fallen for it - you have begun watching that video.

That is called the 'Sticker Effect,' more simply called 'Outline.' At Picmaker, we call it 'Stickerify.' :)

In this FAQ, let us find out how to add the sticker effects to your images in Picmaker.

If you wish to browse through quickly, here is a quick video that we put together for you:

Here is how you do it step by step.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account.

Step 2: Upload any image that you'd like to use on your design in Picmaker. Drag and drop the image onto your design. Click on 'Effects' on the top of your screen.


Step 3: Then choose 'Stickerify' on the left-hand menubar to add an outline to your image.


Step 4: By default, you'd notice that you get a white outline for your image. Choose the color that you'd like to apply to your image. When you've made your choice, click on 'Finish' at the bottom to complete the process.


Lo and behold, your image is ready with an awesome outline around it! Now, you can design anything around the image to make it come to life.

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