Here's a fact that you cannot ignore: Picmaker provides you access to 100 million free images!

Yes, you read that right. 🤩

We have an image library that can last an entire lifetime.

Or, probably even more.

But, of these 100 million images, how do we know which ones are free and which ones are paid?

Good question. Let us understand this a little more.

In the screenshot below, notice that we are looking at pictures of a child in Picmaker. And on your left panel, you will have a large collection of pictures of children.

These images are free for your use. How do we know that? Because we do not see a 'crown' at the top right corner of these images.


Moreover, when you try to download them, you will not see any payment options. Here is a screenshot, notice that there is no need to fetch your credit card details to download the below design.


So, does that mean paid pictures will have a 'crown' at the top right corner?

Yes, that is a good way of differentiating them. Here is an example below.

If you notice, on the left of your screen, there are red circles highlighting the crowns for paid images.

Besides, you will notice the watermark on paid images like the one below.


And, when you download this image, you will be prompted to pay the applicable fee for this image.


That is all, folks. That is how you determine whether you'd have to pay or not for an image.

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