How many icons can I use in Picmaker?

Know how many icons you can use for your designs

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Every design needs icons. They enhance the aesthetics of a design.

That is why, at Picmaker, we offer our users more than 100,000 icons across different categories.

Okay, before we get to details, here is a small list of different categories of icons that we offer to our users:

  1. Architecture

  2. Arts & multimedia

  3. Business & finance

  4. Computers, mobile, & internet

  5. Education

  6. Electronic devices & appliances

  7. Emojis

  8. Fashion & beauty

  9. Food & drinks

  10. Frames

  11. Health & fitness

  12. Holidays & celebrations

  13. Lifestyle

  14. Nature, plants, & animals

  15. Retail

  16. Real estate

  17. Shapes

  18. Shopping & logistics

  19. Sports

  20. Stickers

  21. Travel

  22. Transportation

and many more...

So, how many icons can you use in Picmaker?

Well, the answer to that question depends on your Picmaker plan.

1. Icons for Free plan users

Users on our Free plans can use as many free icons as they want. However, they'd have to pay to use paid icons. The cost for each icon depends on the category and the genre that they belong to.

2. Icons for Starter and Pro plan users

Users on our Starter and Pro plans can use as many free and paid icons as they want. There is no restriction on the number there. However, if you still insist, we'd say that you can use 10,000 icons as part of your plan.

If you still need to use more icons, please feel free to get in touch with us at, and we will look into it.

3. Icons for Enterprise plan users

For users on our enterprise plans, we have customized plans to cater to their needs.

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