How many workspaces can I create?

In this article you get to know about number of individual workspaces you can have with Picmaker.

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In order to begin creating workspaces, sign in to Picmaker first.

You can create more than 99 different workspaces, and add up to 10 team members to each workspace.

Your team will have access to all your designs you create within the workspace - think logos, templates, design drafts, completed posters.

Only the members of the organisation can see the workspace on the sidebar.

For example, if you are a Member of a Workspace called "Travel" that you made for yourself and you are also a Member of your company's workspace SpaceX Designs, no one in SpaceX Designs will see that you are a Member of Travel, unless they are also a Member of Travel.

Conversely, you cannot see the other Workspaces and Organisations other people are Members of.

Here's a video we made for you, check it out if you want a more visual guide on our workspaces.

Enjoy your unlimited workspaces on Picmaker. What are you waiting for?

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