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Working with workspaces in Picmaker
How can I get started with Picmaker Workspace?
How can I get started with Picmaker Workspace?

Everything you need to know about Picmaker Workspace and getting started on with it.

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The very first step to getting started with Picmaker workspace is to sign up for Picmaker.

Once you’re on board, make sure that you’re on our Starter/Pro plan. Once you’re available on our Starter/Pro plan, you can build your own workspace by clicking on the workspace menu on the left side of your dashboard.

How can I get started with Pickmaker Workspace?

Workspaces can be viewed and managed by all members collectively, or select admins can manage the access rights of the other members - it depends on the hierarchy you’re currently on. You can also create files and folders, with as many hierarchies as you like, and stay organised.

Workspace membership depends on the role allotted to you by the owner of the Workspace. You can either be a Member or an Admin. There are limited permissions to a Member compared to an Admin.

The Workspace owner gets to pick!

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