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Working with workspaces in Picmaker
What do my teammates need in order to be in my workspace?
What do my teammates need in order to be in my workspace?

Onboarding your team to your Picmaker workspace? Here's what you need to do.

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All that they need to do is sign up for Picmaker, and they’ll get a notification via email once you add them to your workspace.

Workspaces are how Teams work on Picmaker.

No matter the size of your organisation, we recommend that you distribute the responsibility of managing your designs and brand content among a select set of trusted members.

Step 1: Begin by signing in to Picmaker.

Step 2: Go click on Workspaces on the side panel menu on your dashboard.

Step 3: You can grant a user administrative privileges by assigning them one of the available administrator roles.

Adding team members to your Picmaker Workspace

And that's it. They'll get an invite to join your workspace in their email, and when they click on the link, they’ll be able to see on the dashboard that they’re a part of your workspace.

Here's a quick video of how this is done:

You can easily deprovision someone from your Workspace. You simply have to go to your workspace settings and remove the email of the member - or change their membership status. Similarly you can also add someone you removed back by simply adding their email address in the member list and they’ll get an invite to be on board again.

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