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What is the impact of the "storage limit"?
What is the impact of the "storage limit"?

Learn more about storage limits on Picmaker.

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Free Picmaker accounts can store up to 2GB in their uploads folder. Starter and Pro accounts can store up to 15GB and 30GB respectively. Picmaker for Enterprise accounts have unlimited storage.

Storage limit at Picmaker works the same way it work with any other software. It depends on the size of the pictures that you upload and not on the number of designs you’ve created.

You can free up space by deleting your uploads. Here's how you do it.

  1. Go to the uploads section of your artboard.

    Upload to Picmaker

  2. Hover the cursor over the image file you want to delete. Click the ••• icon that appears.

  3. Select Delete. Note that this is final and cannot be undone.

Delete uploads from Picmaker

Fore more info, here's the storage limit for the different pricing plans we currently offer. Here's our pricing page for reference.

Storage limit on Picmaker

Here's a complete tutorial on Picmaker for your reference:

Picmaker is a one stop solution for you and your team to design better, together. What are you waiting for? Get started?

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