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Is there a way for us to have private folders that no one else can access?
Is there a way for us to have private folders that no one else can access?

Understanding access in folders

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Currently, we do not have the functionality to restrict access to folders.

However, we do have a work around about it.

You can create new workspaces and assign team members to different workspaces in order to restrict access.

In order to do this, begin by signing in to your Picmaker account.

Next, Create or open an existing design. Customise your design in the artboard - you can change colours, add icons and images and play with our endless library of design templates, text effects and filters.

In the dashboard, you will find a My Workspaces menu to your left corner.

Picmaker Workspaces

Add the email addresses of those you wish to include in your workspace, and you're good to go.

Adding members to Picmaker Workspace

Now that your workspace is ready, you can add folders.

My designs Picmaker

Click on new folder button near the all projects section. You can add new folders and name them according to the category you wish to label them as.

Adding new folder to Picmaker

Now that you have a folder, you can continue adding folders within this folder - that's right. Picmaker is your ticket to stay super organised!

Adding folders within folders in Picmaker

We suggest this to control who views your folders because only the members of the organisation can see the workspace on the sidebar.

For example, if you are a Member of a Workspace called "The Avengers" that you made for yourself and you are also a Member of your company's workspace Doctor Who, no one in Doctor Who will see that you are a Member of The Avengers, unless they are also a Member of The Avengers.

Conversely, you cannot see the other Workspaces and Organisations other people are Members of.

Here's a quick video to help you understand how folders work in Picmaker:

Learn more about workspaces here:

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