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Are the PDF downloads standard (96 DPI) or press-ready (300 DPI)?
Are the PDF downloads standard (96 DPI) or press-ready (300 DPI)?

All about PDF downloads

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Picmaker converts PDFs into a press-ready JPEG or TIFF files.

This way, you do not need to worry about how you will get your design from Picmaker to the world. All our PDFs download as press-ready.

Meaning: All the PDF downloads will be at 300 dpi and ready to print.

One major problem people face when downloading PDF files is, they’re always blurry or missing text.

It turns out there are actually few things you can do to make your PDFs an upload-ready size the moment you download them.

One way is by trimming your PDF dimensions to exactly 300 DPI.

Other ways include creating thumbnails, zooming in, creating thumbnails, creating thumbnails, flattening layers and finally merging all images to one size.

In Picmaker, PDF download is as easy as an instant one-click to your files. So, there's no waiting for any downloads as all of them are ready for premiere or print.

Step 1: Begin by signing in.

Sign in to Picmaker

Step 2: Next, select a template of your choice, unleash your creativity and create a stunning design with Picmaker.

Template in Picmaker

Step 3: Next up, click on the download button, and select PDF option.

Download your design with Picmaker

Your design will now get downloaded to your local computer.

The downloaded PDF would be ready for publishing.

No font adjustments, no scaling, and no font embedding process needed to get a fully-formed published PDF file to use or share with family and friends.

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