At Picmaker, premium and elite elements work on a ‘pay per use’ protocol.

That means premium credits will be deducted only when you download the images.

Here's how you can find out how many credits are remaining in your account.

Begin by Signing in.

Pick a template, and customise it according to your needs. You can edit the text, replace background images, change colours and so much more. If you're in a hurry - don't worry, our AI powered MAD button will help you customise things super fast.

Next, select the stock photo to feature in your design and finish your project. Upon completion, you can now share or download your image.

If you use a premium stock photo in a design and download it, one credit will be deducted from your quota of credits.

Download with Picmaker

If you download the same stock photo in a different design, one credit will still be deducted because it counts as a premium image.

We encourage our users to use all their premium image credits, as the credits do not get rolled over to the next month. Now, you can also check how many credits you have left by clicking on the download button and seeing how many credits you have exhausted.

Premium image credits Picmaker

Please not that with the free plan, you need to pay for every download. But with our starter and pro plans, you get 20 and 50 premium image credits respectively.

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