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Can I continue editing an old design on Picmaker?
Can I continue editing an old design on Picmaker?

Access your old designs on Picmaker

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It's super easy to review, restore and share all your designs on Picmaker, no matter how old they are.

Picmaker automatically saves designs as you work. If you see All changes saved on the menu bar above the editor, it means that your recent edits have been saved. Even on the off chance that your edits don’t automatically save, you can manually do so by clicking on File then Save from the editor menu bar.

To begin viewing and editing your old designs, begin by signing in.

Now that you're in the dashboard, it looks something like this:

Select the "My Designs" option on the menu bar to your left.

And there you have it!

All your designs will be listed under 'Your Recent Projects.'

Click on it to view and edit your designs.

Alternatively you can also click on 'See all' at the right of your screen to catch a glimpse of your latest projects.

Like we said before, Picmaker auto saves all your designs, so just make sure that you have a stable and working internet connection - and you can revisit your old designs any time you want.

In case you need a detailed walk through of the tool, our team of experts is here to help! You can always book a demo with us, and we'll get a personalised demo scheduled.

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