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How do I duplicate my design on Picmaker?
How do I duplicate my design on Picmaker?

Here's how you can make a copy of your design.

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It's a cake walk to create a clone of your design with Picmaker.

Duplicating your design is a really handy tool that will help you create multiple copies of a single design so that you can have multiple variants of the same idea.

Step 1: Begin by logging in to Picmaker.

Step 2: Create or open an existing design.

Step 3: Once you've made all the necessary edits, click on the File Menu, and select Make a Copy.

And the duplicated design will now open up in a new tab.

You can make copies of your designs to keep 'original' versions before sharing them for editing. This is helpful if you don’t have access to your design’s version history.

You can also make copies of designs that are shared with you.

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