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How do I compress a design on Picmaker before downloading it?
How do I compress a design on Picmaker before downloading it?
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Compressing a file’s size in can be quite daunting, especially to newbie designers. However, as Picmaker is so intuitive, you need not worry much about the technicalities of this process.

If you have a Picmaker account, you’re in luck, as you have the option to reduce your design file’s size without leaving the site or use a third-party app.

Follow these steps to compress your design’s file size without affecting image quality.

Step 1: Begin by logging in to Picmaker.

Step 2: Create or open an existing design. Customise your design in the artboard - you can change colours, add icons and images and play with our endless library of design templates, text effects and filters.

Step 3: Once you're done designing, click on the Download button, and scroll down to select the Compress File option.

And, with those simple steps, you’ve successfully reduced the file size of the design you’ve downloaded via Picmaker. But, you’ll need to be on any one of the Picmaker Paid plan user for you to enjoy this feature. Hence, if you’re a free account user of Picmaker, you won’t find the compression options stated earlier.

For those who aren’t technical enough, file types in Picmaker have a bearing on the image quality. If you opt to download your design in JPG format, you’ll enjoy a smaller file size but has a lesser image quality compared to when you use PNG. It’s because PNG uses a lossless type of compression, perfect for preserving the quality of the photo.

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