Your logo is part of your business identity and distinguishes it from competitors. So, why not create one that your customers can easily recall?

Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account. You'll notice the search bar right at the top. Enter keywords such as 'Logo' in it to pull up a list of logo templates.


Or, you can scroll down to the bottom to see a list of logo templates.


If you have a logo design in mind already, click on 'Create a blank' to begin creating a new logo from scratch.


Step 2: When you find a logo template that matches your needs, click on it, and make your edits. You can add shapes, icons, color gradients, text boxes, fonts, and a lot more elements to your logo to match your brand needs.


That is it. When you're finished, click on 'Download' on the top right corner of your screen to get a copy of your logo in PNG, JPEG, or PDF formats.

There you go, your logo is ready.

There's a lot more you can do with Picmaker's customized templates, color palettes, gradient colors, etc. Take a look at all the awesome stuff that you can do with Picmaker.

A logo is the face of your brand, so don't neglect it. Read our detailed guide on how to make logos for your business, no matter how big or small you are.

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