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What can I design in Picmaker?

Use Picmaker to design anything that you want for any purpose.

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Well, you can design anything in Picmaker. That includes banners for your blogs, infographics, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, posters for your events, and just about anything.

If you've landed on this FAQ without knowing how to create an account in Picmaker, here's how you do it.

And, if you've already created an account for yourself, you can log in here.

With Picmaker, you never have to worry about where to get started. We have tons of templates that suit every need that you’ll possibly ever have. Plus, you have options to add objects, characters, fonts, colors, etc. Yeah, we’ve thought of every single detail that you’d need.

Here's a quick video for you to explore the awesome things you can design with Picmaker:

And, let us be honest - unless we know what to get from our software, we could get lost in the tons of things that get thrown at us every day.

So, here're a few quick links for you to get started on your design journey in Picmaker:

We'll shortly launch our tutorial series as well to get you going within minutes on Picmaker. Stay tuned. :)

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