How to create a flyer/poster in Picmaker?

Learn how to create a stunning flyer/poster in minutes

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How do you invite someone to your home? Probably a phone call, an email invite? If it is a special occasion, it could be an invitation card. The invitation card has all details that the guest needs to know - date, time, location, etc.

For a business, the invitation card is the flyer or a poster. The flyer could be for an end-of-season sale, or the launch of a new dish (if you're running a restaurant), or a talk show with a guest. For others, it could be the announcement of a much-awaited music show in town. :)

A flyer/poster helps your users and customers know what to expect and what you expect them to do. So, it is very important that you create one that is not only whacky but also utilitarian.

How do you achieve this tough balance? Picmaker is your best choice, let us look at how to create awesome flyers and posters now.

If you're in a rush, watch this quick video about how to create a business flyer in minutes:

Okay, let us do it step by step.

Step 1: Log in to your Picmaker account and look for the search bar right at the top of your page.


Or, scroll down to the bottom of your homepage to look for suitable flyers and poster templates.


Step 2: Now, make changes to your flyer with objects, images, backgrounds, text, font, etc. Notice the left-hand menubar has all these options for you to play around with. Use the magnifying glass option to increase/decrease your viewing pane.


Step 3: Picmaker saves your designs automatically so you never have to worry about if your internet conks off or your computer shuts down unexpectedly. When you're finished designing, click on the 'Download' button at the top right to get a copy of your design in PNG, JPEG, or PDF formats.


There it is, your flyer/poster is ready to greet the world.

But, that is not all - there are a ton of things you can do at Picmaker. Read about it in this FAQ.

Do you need an inspiration to design stunning posters? Here's how you create a one for yourself.

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