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Is the annual payment one-time?
Is the annual payment one-time?

All about Picmaker's Annual Payment plan

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Yes, our annual plan is our best selling one. You need to pay only once a year, giving you a hassle free Picmaking experience for 12 months, and you don’t have to worry about renewals.

Is Picmaker's annual payment one-time?

Additionally, our annual plans are quite popular because they're actually pretty thrifty. The biggest benefit of our annual plan is a ~25% discount to our monthly plans.

So, our Starter Monthly plan costs you $9.95 per month, which works out to $119.40 a year. On the other hand, our Starter Annual plan costs you $95.88 a year, which works out $7.99 a month.

Almost a no-brainer which plan works best for you :)

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