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Pricing and plans in Picmaker
I upgraded to Starter from Free, now what?
I upgraded to Starter from Free, now what?

Learn the awesome features that you get by upgrading to Picmaker's Starter plan

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You've just upgraded to Picmaker's Starter plan. Wow, that is incredible news!

Like all SaaS products, Picmaker's Free plan is great but doesn't give you everything you need to make awesome designs.

But, that's exactly what our Starter plan lets you do.

In this FAQ, let us explore a few features in our Starter plan that you can begin using right away.

  • Change in Plan

First up, you will notice the change in your plan on the top-left of your screen and the bottom-left of your screen. If you are not able to see this, refresh your browser and you will notice it.


  • Getting started with templates

Now, let us get started with some serious stuff!

When you log in to your Starter plan in Picmaker, you will notice Picmaker's Dashboard which has plenty of ready-to-use templates. Click on any of the awesome templates, to begin with, or start with custom size for your designs.

Here is a glimpse of Picmaker's templates across different categories.


  • Access millions of pictures

Now, assuming you've clicked on a template, you will notice Picmaker's intuitive left-hand menubar that has different options. You'll notice templates, photos, objects, text, background, and the Upload option.


Picmaker provides access to millions of stock images. Drag any one of our stock images to your designs.

  • 20 premium stock images every month

You have access to 20 premium pictures every month. Read this FAQ to know which images are premium and which ones are free in Picmaker.

Here is an example of a premium image you can download as part of your plan.

Download an image for free in our Starter plan

P.S. ** Do note that if you've exhausted your initial quota of 20 free premium images, you will need to pay for more images based on their cost. Image credits for a month will be renewed at the time of the next billing cycle. **

  • Resize your designs

Our Starter plan users can resize and customize their designs any way they want. Click on 'Resize' to customize the dimensions of your design. Read this FAQ to resize your designs easily.


  • Arrange your designs in folders

Now, you can also start arranging your designs in neat folders. Click on 'Upload' at the bottom of the left-hand menubar to upload your pictures. And, then, click on the '+' sign on the folder to create separate folders. Read this FAQ to learn other ways of creating a folder in Picmaker.


  • Add outlines to your images

Now, for some really cool features :). If you'd like to add outlines to your images in Picmaker, then click on the image in your design, and then click on 'Effects' at the top menubar. Then, click on 'Stickerify' to open up the outlining menu options.

Read our detailed FAQ to know how to make use of this cool feature (Psst. This one has our fans raving about it. 🀩


  • Bring your brand kit into Picmaker

If you'd like to bring your brand kit into Picmaker, then you can go to Picmaker dashboard, i.e., Notice the 'Brand Kit' at the left of your screen. Click on it to upload your logos, colors/gradients, and fonts.
​Read this FAQ for more details about using your brand kit.


That's it. You are ready to get started on your Starter plan in Picmaker. There're tons of other features that you can refer in our pricing page. But, this is a good list for you to put that to use.

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