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Pricing and plans in Picmaker
I upgraded to Pro plan, now what?
I upgraded to Pro plan, now what?

Learn the awesome features that you get by upgrading to Picmaker's Pro plan

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Did you just upgrade to Picmaker's Pro plan? Woah! πŸ™Œ

Welcome to the Pro family. Let us quickly see all the awesome stuff you can use as a Pro user.

Okay, now, let us explore what's in store for us.

First up, you have access to everything under our Starter plan. Read this FAQ for our Starter Plan to know all the incredible benefits we've lined up for you.

If you don't have the time to read it, here's a quick summary:

Now, let us explore the Pro plan in more detail:

  • Change in Plan/Upgrade in Plan

First up, you will notice the change in your plan on the top-left of your screen and the bottom-left of your screen. If you are not able to see this, refresh your browser and you will notice it. The words 'Pro' in bright blue boxes.

The awesome features in Picmaker's pro plan

  • 50 premium stock images every month

You have access to 50 premium pictures every month. Read this FAQ to know which images are premium and which ones are free in Picmaker.

Here is an example of a premium image you can download as part of your plan.

Free images available as part of Picmaker's Pro plan

The above picture has a watermark in it, which can be downloaded for free as part of your Pro plan.

P.S. Image credits for every month will be renewed at the time of the monthly billing cycle. And, if you've exhausted your initial quota of 50 free premium images, you will need to pay for more images based on their cost.

  • Upload up to 30 GB of files onto your workspace

Yes, you can upload 30 GB of files such as images, fonts, and other packages onto your workspace. That's 15 GB more than Starter plan users!

  • Save your designs as favorite templates

Why sweat when you can access your favorite templates in one-click? Read this quick FAQ to know how to save and retrieve your favorite design as a template.

  • Premium-level support by the Support team

Get access to premium support from our incredibly helpful support team. They love helping our users with anything at any time of the day.

Awesome customer support as part of Picmaker's Pro plan

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Sounds easy? Awesome!

Give us a shout at if you need any assistance with your Pro plan.

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