Can I create a postcard with Picmaker?

Create Postcards with Picmaker

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With the post card culture being healthier than ever, even in the digital era, we have taken them a notch higher at Picmaker, and you can now create fancier, specialty cards at Picmaker.

Post cards create a very personalised experience, and you can now get yours done with the click of a button.

Step 1: In order to begin designing postcards, sign in to Picmaker first.

sign in to picmaker

Step 2: Now that you're in the dashboard, go to the search bar, and type 'Post Card'. You will get the suggested design categories in the drop-down menu, like the image below. From the dropdown list, select the 'Post Card' category.

post card in picmaker

Step 3: Next up, you'll be taken to the library that contains all post card templates. Scroll through our collection, and see if a design fits your need. Pick that template by simply clicking on it, or you can select the 'Use' button that pops up.

post card templates, picmaker

Step 4: Now, you will land up in Picmaker's art board. An art board is a tool box that contains all the tools you need to customise our readymade design templates, apply Artificial Intelligence, and play around with your design to create stunning, personalised output in a matter of minutes.

Edit the template, with a message and greeting of your choice.

travel post card picmaker

Remember, a post card has two sides! So make sure that you edit the flip side details as well.

travel post card, picmaker

And that's it, your post card is ready to download. What are you waiting for? Share it with the world!

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