How do I create a photo collage with Picmaker?

Easy steps to creating a Photo collage with Picmaker

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Say hello to Picmaker, your new collage-creating partner.

It has never been easier (or faster) to create awesome looking, pixel-perfect photo collages with lots of layout options for all occasions. With Picmaker's enhanced drag and drop canvas, you can simply drag and drop photos on the artboard, resize them or import photos from your device.

Now, you can stop scrolling through irrelevant responses on social media - share your story in stylish photo collages with Picmaker!

We put together this video just so that you could design awesome collages easily

Here's a step by step guide to creating killer photo collages.

Step 1: First things first - Log into Picmaker. If you don’t have a login, sign up now!

Step 2: Now that you're on Picmaker's dashboard, click on the 'Create' button on the sidebar. And select a design category that fits best. For example, a YouTube thumbnail is the perfect dimension for vertical collages.

Step 3: You will now be taken to the Picmaker art board where you will have to start with a blank slide. Click on objects and find a vertical collage format under collages.

Step 4: Upload your images in the uploads section. For now, we’re going to use the stock photos available in Picmaker.

Step 5: Just drag and drop the images into the photo grids. You can double-click a grid to adjust the image.

Step 6: And there you go. With Picmaker, you can embed your memories in ever-lasting vertical photo collages. All that you need to do is download it and share your collage with the world!

Creating a Photo collage is not rocket science. Sure, there are a few details you need to pay attention to. Photo collages need editing and creativity for the pictures to work well together, selecting the right size and layout appropriate to the content.

With the right tools at your disposal, you can create stunning photo collages in a matter of minutes.

All of these steps can be accomplished by Picmaker in just a few clicks.

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