What are Objects on Picmaker? How do I use them?

Spice up your designs with Objects and Icons on Picmaker

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Picmaker gives you access to over 100k objects which includes icons, characters, and illustrations across different categories.

Step 1: The first step it to sign in to Picmaker. Head over to https://www.picmaker.com/ and click on the 'Sign up' button if you've not already signed up. If you're a Picmaker user, click on 'Login'.

Step 2: You are now on Picmaker's dashboard. From the dashboard - you can use the choose a graphic design template in the 'Create' button or simply click ‘Create a Design’.

Step 3: In this instance, we've selected the below YouTube channel art template that looks pretty rad!

Step 4: In the left side tab, you will be able to see the templates, photos, objects, etc.

Click on it to view the different object categories that we’ve got for you. Alternatively, you can also type in the icon you're looking for in the search bar. In this case, we'e searched for a 'Bank'-related icon.

Step 6: Drag and drop the icon into your design template. Make sure you place the icon correctly according to your brand guidelines.

There you go! You've placed a nice looking object in your design that adds to its aesthetic.

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