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Can I leave a workspace I was added to?
Can I leave a workspace I was added to?

Learn all about leaving a workspace

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Leaving a workspace you were added to cannot be done from our end as of yet at Picmaker.

However, you can ask the owner of the workspace and have them remove you.

You can look for the team owner or the administrators from the My Worskpace tab. Ask any of them to remove you from the team.

Remember, once you are removed from a workspace, you will lose access to all the designs that have been shared with you on that particular workspace.

You can find this tab by clicking on Workspaces on the side panel menu on your dashboard.

Psst....In order to avoid painful accidents, we recommend that you check if you’re in the correct team!

Since Picmaker offers 99+ free workspaces, it's highly likely that you're a part of more than one workspace.

Surely, you don't want to be removed from the wrong workspace and loose access to all your designs.

Click your profile photo from the top corner of the homepage.

You’ll find a check icon next to the team that you’re currently in. If it’s not the right one, select the correct workspace and you will be switched to that particular workspace.

With Picmaker, you can invite friends, family, and team members to Picmaker and collaborate together on any design.

To learn more about Picmaker workspaces, you can refer to this video.

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