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Sharing and collaborating in Picmaker
What are the team features on Picmaker?
What are the team features on Picmaker?
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They say that, “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” and here at Picmaker, we couldn’t agree more—which is why we make it easy to collaborate and share your designs.

Shared Workspaces is an enabler for designers to collaborate on design projects by sharing a single workspace with several others.

You can read all about the features on Picmaker Workspaces here.

We've also made a video on the same, so share it with your team and stay ahead of collaborating - whether you're working remotely or on site.

If that doesn't make the cut, don't worry - we've got you covered.

Here is a a step-by-step guide to the new Collaborating tool on Picmaker 2.0 - Workspaces and some of the benefits you can experience from collaborating with your team.

In order to know your team features on Picmaker, begin by logging in.

You will now be taken to the dashboard. On the top-right corner of your screen, click on the 'Settings' button, and notice the workspaces that you can create for yourself.

It shows all the teams you're a part of, and the workspace of the particular team you're currently on, is highlighted with a green tick mark. Below each team name, you also have the plan that team is on - free, starter, pro or enterprise.

An important feature with the Workspaces on Picmaker is that you get to share your premium image credits with your entire team.

When you upgrade to one of our paid plans on Picmaker, and enjoy free image credits every month.

Users in our Starter plans have 20 free image credits.

Users in our Pro plans have 50 image credits.

For enterprise users, image credits are customised to their needs. This is because enterprises may need more images than what we offer on a Starter or Pro plan.

Alternatively, you can also click on the workspace menu on the left side of your dashboard.

You can grant a user administrative privileges by assigning them one of the available administrator roles.

You can easily deprovision someone from your Workspace. You simply have to go to your workspace settings and remove the email of the member - or change their membership status. Similarly you can also add someone you removed back by simply adding their email address in the member list and they’ll get an invite to be on board again.

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