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How many team members can I add to my workspace if I'm on the free plan?
How many team members can I add to my workspace if I'm on the free plan?
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With Picmaker, we encourage everyone to work as a team, so we offer 99+ free workspaces to all our users.

Even on the free plan, you can create a ton of different workspaces, each with upto 10 members in it.

With Picmaker Workspaces, communicate with your team easily.

Instantly post comments, tag team members, assign tasks, leave feedback, share designs, resolve suggestions and present your designs directly in Picmaker.

Simply invite your team, choose their access permissions and start in seconds.

If you need to add more than 10 members to your team, or if you have scaled up recently and have wider requirements from a workspace, you can always upgrade to Picmaker for Enterprise.

We know that there is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to creating stunning designs, so at Picmaker, we offer tailored plans that are also highly scalable solutions and precisely match your organisation's unique needs.

Learn more about Picmaker Workspaces with this video.

Get your entire organisation designing, collaborating and sharing ideas at scale, in one place with Picmaker for Enterprise.

Find existing team members, choose those in your team you want to collaborate with in real-time, assign roles, organise and share projects and access all your projects.

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