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How do I access Picmaker's Premium Images?
How do I access Picmaker's Premium Images?

All about Picmaker's Premium Images

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Picmaker has an extensive library of high-quality free images, videos, audio, and other graphics.

We integrate with partners like Getty, Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash, giving paid users access to 100 million stock images for your design projects.

And, we know the best pictures make your designs come alive. So, for a wider range of choices, premium elements are also available for purchase. Premium elements will have watermarks (criss-cross patterns) on your design until they’re purchased.

In order to access Picmaker's Premium Images, sign in to Picmaker first. You will be taken to a dashboard, which looks something like this.

Now, select a design category and pick a design you like from Picmaker's endless library of template collection.

Go to the Photos option in the left hand side of your artboard, and enter a keyword you wish to search.

All the images that appear with a crown watermark to their top right corner, are free images.

When you try to download free images, you will not see any payment options.

Now, with the premium images, you can notice the crowns at the top right corner indicating that they are paid images.

When you try to download this image, you will be notified about the applicable fee for that particular premium image.

So, you can either pay per use, or upgrade to one of our paid plans on Picmaker, and enjoy free image credits every month.

Users in our Starter plans have 20 free image credits.

Users in our Pro plans have 50 image credits.

For enterprise users, image credits are customised to their needs. This is because enterprises may need more images than what we offer on a Starter or Pro plan.

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